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i wish people followed me for my blog not my perfect ass




lifes too short to pretend to hate pop music

Or I can just hate pop music because the majority of it stands for nothing but living your life in a moment with no worries or problems and denying reality. Plus there’s not enough guitars for me.




Why is being told that Marilyn Manson removed his lower two ribs so he could suck his own dick in middle school like a common thing why is that an experience every American child goes through i just don’t

federal mandates on standardized testing necessitate that all children nationally be taught certain curriculum at particular grade levels

Cultural imperialism spread this to Australia by 2002 at the latest.

"I saw him at the Hot Dog Fest a few years ago. Some obese woman kept yelling out during one of the quiet numbers, so Mark walks off the stage and starts punching her a few times, then just jumps right back on stage and does 2 Sonny and Cher covers. Then he told the crowd that its his drummer’s birthday, and that he flew in his mom, his mom comes out on stage with a present, somehow Mark slipped a “You’re Fired” note in it, and tells them both to get off the fucking stage. Then he ate 7 hot dogs and said that he isn’t going to pay for any of them, and that they should be free for him."

The best story I’ve ever heard about Mark Kozelek/Sun Kil Moon (via gotitforcheap)


Jai Paul - Zion Wolf

Always forget about that sneaky brass that pops up with a minute to go.

Blur - Oily Water

Interpol - Ancient Ways

Elliott Smith - Last Call